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Well hello there, I am so glad that y’all dropped by today. May I introduce myself? I am MissDazey and this page on Columbia WordPress Coach is “MissDazey Says.” Now what you might ask does she have to say? And why should I read this page? 

Good questions! First, I am a “non-expert, at your service.” (Jonya Pacey is the WordPress expert, don’t you know.) I will share social media hints, marketing ideas and general information about getting your new WordPress seen by very important people aka clients & customers. I’ll introduce some of the interesting people I have met online who successfully use websites, blogs and newsletters to promote their businesses. 

A bit about MissDazey… me! 

Marketing seems to be part of my natural DNA. I have experience in sales and market research. When the internet came along, I jumped on. Email and blogs opened up a whole new world to explore and use for both business and personal projects. I trust you will learn some practical ideas as I share. 

So let’s share your new online adventures together. 

PS: I am OLD! And I like to giggle. 

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