Marching Confidently Off in All Directions

I’m starting a new thing. You know what I love doing? Teaching people how to use WordPress. Growing their business or reaching people through their lifestyle websites. And so I am pivoting to a new company –  Columbia WP Coach.

My work has been to create websites and then teach the owner how to manage it. Here in Columbia I found there are a number of web designers working here. Then there was a surgery and the holidays and the SAD hit a bit early with the medical issues. Gave me time to think, though. I decided to find my place in a new niche.

Why not come out swinging with my awesome teacher self? Why not sit down with a person, watch the light come on, and help them progress in adding their own content, managing their images, and learn how best to drive traffic from all the social media back to their websites, where they actually own the content? And where Google has given us some great tools for analyzing what is going well?

The answers are YES, YES, and YES, of course. So here I am. Sitting here all happy. Want to watch me march around? Sign up for the newsletter.

I have a friend, Susan Weaver of Great Big Lake Design, who suggested that I take a few minutes each night to pound out a blog post, just to update people and to keep me motivated. She and I are working through a 21 day challenge together. It’s the kind of thing with a workbook and lists and I’m actually filling the damn thing out, astonishing as that is to me. I’m vitalized. And yes, I feel like I’m rushing here and there, getting everything done.

It feels good.

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