Watching the News Instead of Dealing with an Air Sandwich

Happy Friday!

So I didn’t get everything written today from Charlie Gilkey’s book “Start Finishing” because while I did listen and then buy the book and read that second chapter, I have also been watching the news all day. I’m sorry. I’m worried about people around the country who are protesting and I’ve listened to too many rumors and I’m afraid of more people being hurt.

Chapter Two is setting the stage for understanding how we can overcome five categories of challenges by using a combination of five key tools. Gilkey illustrates this with an Air Sandwich concept, with our high-level vision, mission and big goals being one slice of bread and our day-to-day reality being the other one. The core key tools are Awareness, Discipline, Boundaries, Courage and Intention.

I drew a picture to help me get started in understanding this. That’s the featured image up there at the top.

And I probably won’t be coming back to talk about this chapter again because the next one, chapter three, I get to narrow down to one project I want to work on while I’m finishing the book. Kinda excited to do that. Oh, and did you catch that I bought the book? I was listening to it on Hoopla, which wasn’t giving me an easy way to look at chapters or to rewind to a particular part to review. I’m a print girl, even if it’s an ebook* I’m reading. At least I get a fricken table of contents.

banner consisting of the cover of the book, and the words "a read along project, updated daily"

In other news, I did some sewing and cleaning in my in sewing area of my office. One of my must-do habits I am working on. And man, am I rusty at it. I had a sleeveless sweater-thing that had these flappy-flappy tails in the front and sides. I whacked off the front points and edged it so they have something to keep the bias cut from stretching all over the place. And I made myself throw away a pile of binding bits that are too small to use. Got the walk done early and the client work done in the afternoon, in between checking the news.

Speaking of the protests, I am grateful for the Post-Bulletin for having a reporter out on the street tonight in Rochester. CoMo has a couple of social groups visible on FaceBook. I joined CoMo for Progress today so I’d know about the next local protest; I missed today’s event.

Well, to bed. I’ve a good day tomorrow – Farmer’s Market, a WordPress MeetUp via Zoom, and damn it yes I’m going to dig into chapter 3. Plus a solid bit of work for clients! Yeah, me!

Stay safe, stay strong.

*I prefer paper books because not only can I write in them, I can stick post-it notes all over them.

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