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What is Your Best Work? Learning from Charlie Gilkey

Our Best Work is what makes us come alive. Would be the work we would do even if we weren’t getting paid. It’s unique to you. Only you can do it – if you don’t, the universe loses out.

My takeaway after the first listen-through

I’m listening to Charlie Gilkey’s book “Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done,” a book that teaches us to flip the usual project process and begin with the end in mind. Just like a work project, our dreams and personal projects should have goals and deadlines and milestones.

Teah Hopper Consulting posted on FaceBook today about content, saying that when we read something or watch something and then just figure that everyone else already knows this, we are denying people the chance to learn new things that we have shared. If I get excited about what I am learning, I should share it for those people who haven’t already learned whatever it is. Just go ahead and share it! Teah calls it a content hack. I call it a really good idea.

Follow along with me as I listen to and write about each chapter – and it’s an audiobook borrowed from Columbia Public Library’s digital collection so I better stay focused! Otherwise it will disappear on me!

Second Time Through: Chapter One Notes

“Someday” never comes – we have many things started, many brilliant ideas ready to get out into the world. Most of us are waiting for someday, for the best time. When the busy work is done.

There is a part of each of us that want to do our best work. This book is about learning steps to complete one project, hopefully strengthening habits that will help us as we find and embrace our best work.

Gilkey wants us to understand that everything is a project. We don’t have work projects and things to do with our private lives. He belabors the fact that we have many projects, and some of them are things we have to do and some of them are things that help us thrive. Finding a way to allow us to do our best work is necessary for our own happiness.

Our best work is sacred, what makes us come alive and intensifies our focus. And each of us have our own individual best work. Each of us are unique, each of us will result in unique results and no one else can replace us.

Doing your best work is harder to do because you have to learn what is known and then continue to teach yourself with your own experiences, trials and failures. It’s a public-facing process. Stay the course, even if you have to juggle it with easier, louder and more urgent projects. Figure it out! You can find some time to do your best work. Every 3-5 years, things change and we adapt; examine your past and become aware of those changes.

“This book will take one project and drive it to the finish line. Projects are mirrors that show us our inner and outer lives.” Embrace yours. Show up.

What’s Next?

Conversation! Maybe? I’ll be posting this on FaceBook and Twitter because that seems to be where all the conversation happens. Follow me on FaceBook or on Twitter, and let me know what you think about this little project of mine.

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