A virtual sheep farm from Roblox, a game

Zoom is the New Networking Hotspot

The Hatchery sponsored a Zoom-based networking meeting this morning; everyone is learning to embrace the online technology now. Four of us logged in, joining Amanda who was working from her home. Co-working spaces are not considered essential services during a pandemic.

It was just such a blessing to talk about business problems and fears with other people. I feel less alone after talking to those on the call. And while we each have unique situations, we share many common feelings that we are working through while finding ways to continue doing our work.

I’ve committed to getting my training sessions online today and start publicizing them tomorrow. By Friday, I’ll be working on a Google My Business setup and support service. Everyone on the call thought that was a great idea and I’ve a whole page of notes to follow up on.

Afterwards I logged into a room with a friend and caught up a bit. I showed her my virtual sheep farm. I am using this Roblox game to escape a bit. I can’t seem to get into any book and sewing doesn’t take my mind off things.

It is Day 15 since I started isolating. I’m doing better, emotionally, although I am missing my 3pm nap today. How quickly that became a thing!

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